Bulk Transactions With PCB Fabrication Companies

Hobbyist electricians who do not have the time, capacity, and resources to perform PCB fabrication themselvescan always turn to specialized PCB production houses to do the work for them. This way, they can concentrate more on soldering the necessary components, testing them out, and finalizing them for public consumption.Visit this site pcbnet for more information.If the hobbyist electrician is more into prototyping and experimentation, leaving PCB fabrication to those production houses is the norm. With the advent of the Internet, online PCB orders are commonplace for those hobbyists.

PCB AssemblyFor the production houses to have an idea of what the finalized PCB will be like, the one who will be ordering the PCBs must first submit the following: the schematic diagram, the bill of materials, the data sheets of the components to be soldered into the PCB, the finalized layout file generated by a CAD program, and a file containing information on holes, or donuts, to be drilled.

The requirements may vary from house to house, therefore contacting the house for a list of requirements or consulting the house’s website is a must. A minimum order requirement is also implemented; therefore a house that best meets the needed amount of PCBs must be selected carefully.

The PCB fabrication house may take a week or two, or even a month, in manufacturing the boards depending on the volume of the order; but the end result will always be a professional-quality batch of PCBs made to last.

Characteristics of a professionally-made PCB include the following:

1) The substrate is made from FR-4, which is a flame-resistant woven glass-reinforced epoxy resin commonly found in PCBs of consumer electronics.

2) The usual PCB fabrication process is appended with additional steps such as E-testing, routing/V-scoring, and inspection – which are all performed between the etching and the final cleaning steps.

3) The PCB is compliant with environmental standards such as RoHS (the Restriction of Hazardous Substances) in Europe.

4) The donuts, or plated through holes, are smoother, more recognizable, and properly marked.

5) The traces and lines are clearly defined; and

6) There is an additional solder mask that mitigates the effects of overheating during soldering.

Depending on the size of the production house, a professionally-made PCB is made with advanced direct etching processes that skip the use of chemicals. A specialized cutter-plotter that etches the copper based on the digital pattern file fed from a computer into it is usually employed, but the plotter is slow and contributes to the long wait times most production houses implement.

There are some hobbyist electricians who prefer to order in low volumes at cheaper prices due to reasons such as one-time prototyping and small-scale production of custom-made electronic devices. Due to mass production, the cost of an actual small-sized PCB can be less than $2, if the production house wills it. China is a good source of cheap PCBs, but their quality can be compromised.

Bootleg versions of popular gadgets such as iPhones are made with cheap PCBs that may run afoul of safety regulations. The price also depends on the layering of the foil. More layers mean higher prices. An extensive comparative analysis of prices from different production houses is required to get the best deal.

The last resort for those hobbyists is making the PCBs themselves, since cheap options such as using photo paper, laser printers, household clothes irons, and affordable chemicals are available. Drilling the donuts is another story due to the requirement of drills, drill stands, and drill bits. If the hobbyist is particularly not adept in drilling holes, there are also production houses that accept drilling services by themselves. If the requested PCB is a surface-mount one, drilling is out of the question, saving the hobbyists money.

Cremating The Deceased – Process And Belief

Proper burial is a key part of funeral services. The family can choose whether they want their loved ones to be buried on ground, above ground, or cremated.

Among the three, cremation is most usually frowned upon by families as many aren’t comfortable burning their loved ones. Sometimes, religious beliefs and cultural tradition also prevents the burning of the bodies.Visit Gentry Griffey for more details about funeral services.

Cremation is the process of burning the dead body in a high temperature cremation chamber, until it is reduced to ashes. It can be done before or after the funeral services.

All about the Cremation Process

1. The chamber is preheated first to a certain temperature.

2. Once the body’s inside the chamber, the temperature is then raised to 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The body and the casket are now subjected to pillars of flames until both are completely burned down.

3. Cremation may take 1 to 3 hours; during this process, the body dries down while the hair, skin, muscles, tissues, and bones are charred and burned.

4. Burning the body doesn’t emit odors because the gases and smoke are released through an exhaust system.

5. Sometimes, the body is not completely burned and is subjected to an afterburner. There are also times when a hoe-like rod is used to crush the remains.

6. Metals from the casket such as nails, screws, and other parts are removed using a magnet.

7. Pacemakers and other medical devices are removed beforehand to prevent explosions during the cremation process.

8. A cremulator is used to grind the dried bone fragments into powder.

9. The ashes are now placed in an urn that can be buried, placed in homes or columbariums, even or scattered.

10. Funeral services, like graveside or memorial service, can be done afterwards to commemorate the deceased.

Link between Cremation and Religion

There are religions that mandatorily require cremation, while some prohibit it. In Sikhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, cremation is mandatory.

Those following Hinduism prefer burning the corpse to help the soul travel to its next destination and to discourage it from staying beside its body. The eldest, youngest, or the adopted son is the first one to put fire on the person’s dead body.

Buddhism allows cremation but it is not mandatory. In China, Buddhist monks are the only ones practicing cremation since Han Chinese dislikes the process. Han Chinese thinks cremation is barbaric and considers it a taboo, since they have opted to bury their dead.

FuneralIn Balinese Hindu, the body of the dead is buried until the cremation ceremony called Ngaben occurs on a favorable day in the Balinese-Javanese Calendar system called Saka. If the deceased is a member of the court, a minor noble, or a court servant, the cremation process is postponed until the cremation of their prince. The corpse is buried first to remove the fluids on the body, making it easier and faster to cremate. Not everyone can totally afford a Balinese funeral service because it is expensive. Families delay the cremation until they could afford it or when the village or family plans a group funeral to cut the cost.

Baha’I, Zoroastrianism, Neo-Confucianism, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, and Judaism forbid cremation. Islam has its own specific funeral rites and so, death is handled in a distinct way. Christianity and Catholicism allow cremation after funeral services done, but it still depends on the family of the deceased. Minority of the Manchu descendants practices cremation as part of their culture.

All in all, while cremation is becoming more and more popular in certain parts of the world (and many are beginning to master the process of turning the deceased into ashes), there are places where it will probably never be accepted.

Colored Awareness Rubber Bracelets: The Meaning Behind the Color

Each color of awareness rubber bracelets holds a particular meaning. It is recommended to follow the awareness bracelet color guide in producing your own bracelets.

White Colored Bracelets

White wristband is commonly used for Christian purposes. Christian religious groups distribute white rubber wristbands to gather support. The bracelets usually come with imprinted inspirational messages like the ones about life and peace. There are anti-racist groups that also use the white with black bracelets to get their message across.

Red Colored Bracelets

Red is usually associated with love or romance and there are couples who wear matching red wristbands to symbolize their affection for each other. When it comes to rubber bracelets red is the favorite color to raise awareness for heart disorders, HIV and AIDS, and diabetes. The red wristband is also use to raise funds for tsunami victims.

Yellow Colored Bracelets

The yellow colored bracelet has risen to popularity when Lance Armstrong, champion cyclist and cancer survivor, used it for his cancer organization. The main purpose of the bracelet, with imprinted words “Live Strong”, is gather support for Armstrong’s cancer organization. Today, there are a lot of cancer patients and survivors as well as their loved ones who wear the bracelets to continuously express their support and make other people aware of it too.

Blue Colored Bracelets

The blue rubber bracelets are used to show support for people who have cystic fibrosis. There are organizations that use the blue bracelets for several other causes. Blue is also the favorite choice of the groups that are against child abuse and domestic violence.

Pink Colored Bracelets

Women who suffer from breast cancer and the survivors of the said cancer wear pink colored bracelets to show their support. The pink colored bracelets were popularized by Avon to show the company’s drive to raise awareness and support for breast cancer. The company is known for manufacturing women products and has always been prioritizing the welfare of women. Breast cancer is rampant in women, although there are men who also suffer from breast cancer.

Green Colored Bracelets

People who want to show support for environmental conservation wear green rubber bracelets. Green has always been associated with nature. It is only natural for the bracelets that aim to spread awareness about protecting nature to adapt the same color that’s associated with nature. The green colored bracelets are also used for organ donation and cancer support.

Orange Colored Bracelets

Orange colored wristbands are used to show support for a variety of causes, such as Asperser’s Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. The color is also used by the American Cancer Society for their anti-smoking drive. The wristbands also remind each one to live a smoke free life.

Purple Colored Bracelets

Marbled WristbandsThe purple wristband was originally used for supporting sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease. The bracelet has “Mind Strong” imprinted on it. The purple wristband is often confused with pink wristband, which does not share the same cause as the purple bracelet. When the 9/11 attack happened, the purple bracelet is also used to show support for the victims of the attack, including the firefighters and members of the police force.

Marbled Wristbands

The marbled bracelets are used for a variety of reasons, and they usually attract undivided attention. Men and women wear them and they can easily pass as a fashion accessory. The most common is green or red marbled bracelet, although you can use any color you prefer.

Camouflage Wristbands

The camouflaged wristbands are popular among members of the military. They use the bracelets when supporting recruitment in the army. The wristband is created using at least three colors. They somehow give the wearer a boost of self-confidence.

Rainbow Ribbon Wristbands

The rainbow represents different colors in the same streak. The gay, lesbian, transsexual, and bi-sexual community aims to seek equal rights and move down the same path or streak as everyone else.

There are other colors that might have a particular meaning to the organization or company. The meanings are usually written on the bracelet and it is up to the recipients to spread the words on the rubber bracelets and associate the color to a particular cause or reason.

For The Best Game: Different Golf Balls You Need To Know

Golf Balls are more than just those little spheres that golfers try to whack to see how far they can fly. They are an integral part of the game and can determine how a golfer performs depending on field conditions and their handicap. This only implies that picking the right ball can determine how well a golfer can fare on his day at the field. To do this, you must get acquainted with the different balls for golf out there.

Recreational Balls

Golf ballNot everyone thinks of golf as a professional sport. For a lot, it is just an easy past time. This is why manufacturers create golf balls that are designed for the more casual market. Recreational balls are designed for average golfers whose swing speeds average around 90 to 95 mph. Also, these balls are designed to withstand punishment from constant whacking. This makes it ideal for those who tend to constantly hit the ball out of bounds.

These golf balls are designed with two layers whose outer cover is far stronger than the core cover. This leads to lower compression, which is best for those with a lower swing speed. Plus, the design allows for lesser side spin, which in turn prevents the ball from veering off course in each swipe.

Finally, these balls are made from inexpensive materials, which make them great for casual golfers. If you were to dent them as you swing the club or lose them, for instance, replacing them will not cost you a pretty penny.

Advanced Balls

For players with considerable experience in golfing, recreational golf balls just don’t cut it anymore. Designed with three various layers or more, this ball type is best for those whose swing speeds can reach 100 mph and above. The core area for these balls is also comprised of both hard and soft material. This results in a ball that generates a certain amount of spin from golf clubs, like wedges.

Due to the multilayered covering, these balls are optimized for those with a strong swing speed. In fact, hitting an advanced ball at 90mph or less will generate a lesser strength and can only cover a short distance.

Also, the multiple layers result in a compression level of 100, which means it is quite tough to the touch and possesses a certain heft. However, if you can match the compression level with a strong swing speed, the ball will generate enough strength to travel a long distance without veering off course.

Ball Fitting

How does one actually pick the right ball? This is where the process of fitting golf balls comes into play. Practiced by experts, or veteran golfers, this process is all about matching the ball to the conditions of the field and to a golfer’s personal attributes. Fitting will involve factoring in physical concepts, like trajectory, wind speed, and durability. Also, a person’s experience, strength, and handicap will be considered in golf ball fitting.

The sole purpose of this process is always to find a way to maximize a person’s swinging ability. In other words, a ball should always complement the ability of a golfer and make them adapt to field conditions. Even top-quality balls can be rendered worthless if they are not matched according to the player’s abilities. At ball fitting, a golfer can understand which ball works best for the game.

Playing with the right ball will always result in a good game. In order to get the most out of the experience, you will need to understand how a ball’s makeup will affect your game on a regular basis. Picking the right ball for your game will always result in a better score.

Inside the World of Web Design

Designing the web is not an easy task. A web designer should be armed with a repertoire of skills. We have to be visionary, able to conceptualize ideas and execute them. We must have a profound understanding of the technology needed to innovate.

We need to be creative, equipped with the logical capability to combine the elements and the principles of design in order to come up with an end product that wows – one that transcends the screen of a computer and yanks the user’s head right towards it, transfixing him or her to a multitude of colors, images and words, all blended together in an eye-popping display.

While it’s a whole new world for him or her to explore, the visuals are just the beginning.

In the eyes of a web designer, layouts are pages of a book made with technological wonders, gleaming with visuals and graphics that can be simple and understated yet direct and elegant, or colorful and vibrant yet meaningful and divine.

Web design is all about visuals, as well as navigation :

Hence, the main goal is to provide a unique web experience for visitors and clients alike, through the use of standout graphical and interactive features. We want your users to enjoy browsing your site and be more involved in your company.

Of course, working on web design isn’t all about colors and an artistic mind. Web designers should, first and foremost, have a good overview of the concepts and best practices of web design. We should know how branding works and how the avenues provided by the internet will be effective for the client. We should know that the web provides limitless opportunities for business connections and representations. Web design is built on a strict foundation of design elements, code, etc., so every day we grow more analytical and disciplined, increasing our expertise with the years to come.

It may not be apparent at first, but there is actually a lot to consider in designing websites. Aside from correctly using its elements (colors, fonts, layout, content and graphics), the usability of the website is a main priority. We use our critical planning skills for design and we pay attention to what the client wants – every little detail, every piece of advice and specification.

Web DesignIn the modern age of e-commerce, we employ creativity to tweak websites and get them to increase conversion. A successful website needs more than just a host and template to simply be published, it needs the appropriate features to avoid complications and promote it better. That is where web designers come in.

Ultimately, the client will want to increase traffic to his or her site. We, as web designers, will offer you features beyond what a site builder can provide. Added site aspects like user friendly navigation, a rotating banner, an opinion poll, membership options, a dynamic image gallery and many more. A web designer will ensure that you have your own hosting account and will provide you with more resources to utilize, as well as some flexibility.

Working on web designs also entails being technologically adept. We should have programming skills, particularly with media and are able to expertly work with graphic software. We are also writers for page content as well as graphic designers. We are knowledgeable about the most technical terms like JavaScript, HTML, XML, SEO, CGI programming, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion scripting.

HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language, which is the language we use to create web pages, while JavaScript is the actual language used by both HTML and the web. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, determines one’s visibility in the web by the rankings in search engines. CGI in web design is not the computer-generated imagery used in movies and video games. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and it is a way for web servers to interact. PHP, ASP and ColdFusion scripting, meanwhile, are programming languages.

Web DesignsWe keep current with the trends in the World Wide Web. We know that right now, almost all new clients clamor for a mobile version of their website. There are all kinds of web-enabled gadgets in the market nowadays — android phones, tablets, netbooks, ultrabooks, laptops and of course, the personal computer. So, creating websites compatible with all screen resolutions is another challenge.

In truth, we are expecting more inventions in the years to come. The possibilities of our technological advances in the Digital age are almost endless. But we welcome them. Innovations are what will propel us forward, anyway.

Since web design encompasses multidisciplinary skills, we are also knowledgeable about multiple disciplines. We, as web designers, have both our creative and technical skills honed for the job. Why should clients choose us? Because we are not only a Search Engine and Optimization / digital marketing company, we are a TOP SEO and digital marketing company.

We work hand in hand with every customer to drive them to where they want to be. We are more than just site builders or web designers. We are creators. We are passionate with our projects and we care about our clients. We do not just promise. We deliver.

How to Design Your Own Custom Patches

Creating custom patches is not difficult. One may hire a skilled artist, so that he could do all the work from draft to finished patch. What a customer has to do is to communicate his idea on how he wants his patch to be done. There are companies that let customers design their own patch.

In designing custom patches, there are procedures one may wish to follow to ensure the quality of the finished artwork. The first one is the concept or idea stage. Every design, not only for custom patches, has to start with a good concept or idea. One has to think how this patch will communicate to those who will see it. Will it commemorate? Will it promote a brand? Or will it be used for identification. In this procedure, the artists must be really good at communicating his ideas through the use of graphics. There are companies that offer concepts and ideas free of charge.

It is suggested for the customers who wish to design their own patch to draw their design with the same size as how they wish their patch to become. Doing this, enables the customers to visualize how their patch will look like.For those customers who would like to ask for the service from an artist, must communicate their ideas very well.

There are companies who can do almost all kinds of logos and images, but still there are some factors to be considered.

Ideas through the use of photographs and low resolution images as references are not advisable. Photos have wide range of colors and details that may be difficult or even impossible to be embroidered. Low resolution images can result to a patch’s lack of details. That is why it is recommended to submit one’s ideas through drawn images with 1000×1000 pixels.Custom PatchesThe second procedure is selecting the size and shape. It is important to consider where the patch will be placed. The bigger the place where the patch will be applied also requires a bigger patch. Patches that are intended for general use are commonly about 3 inches in height and width. The intended usage of the patch must also be considered in selecting its shape and size. Merrowed or hot cut border is used to shape custom patches. The merrowed border is the traditional type of border that wraps the edges of the patch. The hot-cut border is ideal for designs that have more complicated shapes and angles.

The third procedure is text selection. The text should be clear. Smaller letters lose sharpness and details. It is recommended that letters should be at least 1/8 inch tall and wide. Block letters are advisable. Scripted letters must be larger and often not advised.

The fourth procedure is the choice of colors. To grab attention, bright colors are good choices, especially the warm colors. One may also want to use complementary colors for contrast. A lightly colored design element should have a darker background. A darkly colored design element or letters should have a lighter background.

The fifth procedure is to finalize one’s design. One may wish to prepare a layout to submit. Some companies have their own artists that can improve submitted designs.

The final procedure is to submit one’s artwork or ideas. It can be through the company’s website or through e-mail. The most common file formats for submission are BMP, JPG, AI, TIFF, GIF, EPS, PSD and PDF. After submitting the file, the company reviews it and communicates issues and clarifications.

Designing custom patches is not hard, although there are some minute things that have to be considered.

Custom Patch In the Patches4Less gallery, you’ll find various samples of the patches we’ve made previously. View these as inspiration for your own design!

What to Avoid When Buying Custom Lanyards

If you have not experienced buying custom lanyards yet, then you definitely have to learn about the important things that you must be aware of before placing your orders. The types of lanyards, materials, procedure of placing an order and designing tips are not the only things you have to know. You must also study the things that will ensure the correct delivery, quality and affordability of the lanyards you will get. This article will be of great use for you when it comes that.

Design Revisions

There are many online stores that sell custom lanyards. Most of them offer a free lanyard designing service. However, this does not mean that they are good in designing lanyards. There are some that can create great designs but might not suit your liking. This could be a problem. If you avail their free designing offer, they will create and propose the designs to you.

Custom LanyardsThey will wait for your approval before finally manufacturing your lanyards. If you do not like their designs, you can simply ask for a revision. The problem is that it usually takes around three days for most of them to finish creating a single design. This can dramatically delay your orders. You have to keep this in mind every time you ask for a revision.

This is the reason why you must be picky when it comes to choosing the right company to purchase from. You have to make sure that they have experienced specialists who can create custom designs according to your liking. It would help if you let them know about your preferences, if there are any. Taking time to look at their gallery of sample is also a good idea since it will give you a hint regarding the kind of designs and themes that they are able to create.

Buying Small Amounts Repeatedly

If you are planning to purchase custom lanyards, it is best that you calculate how much you will need for a specific period of time. For example, if the number of your company employees or organization members is increasing throughout the year, then it would be better to anticipate the total amount of increase and purchase the number of lanyards in accordance to that anticipated or calculated amount. This will prevent you from buying small amounts of personalized lanyards repeatedly throughout the year. Aside from the fact that it will save you time and effort, there is a great possibility that you will get a discount for buying in bulk. You can just stock the lanyards and distribute them as new employees or members come by.

Placing Your Orders Late

You have to understand that it will take some time before you will receive your orders. Usually, online stores deliver orders on or after the 14th day from the time the purchase was placed. If you need to have your custom lanyards on a specific date for an event or other reasons, then you must consider placing your orders as early as possible. Keep in mind that there are many factors that could delay your orders. You can opt for a rush delivery but this will have an additional cost.

As a consumer, you must be thoughtful about how you can ensure that all the aspects of your orders will be done appropriately. This will make things easier for both you and the seller that you will purchase from. It will also help you get the most out of each of your purchases. Avoiding the things listed above will help you get the quality custom lanyards you need. This will ensure you that you will receive your orders correctly. It is always good to be a wise buyer.

Real Estate Tips for Garden City NY Homes for Sale

Garden City NY homes for sale are popular among homeowners. Garden City is actually a village in the town of Hempstead, New York. Multi-millionaire Alexander Turney Stewart founded it in 1869. It is found on Long Island, east of New York City and south of North Hempstead. As of 2010, a population of over 22,000 has been cited.

Garden City is a nice place to live in. It is beautiful and generally peaceful. The neighborhoods are ideal for families. Buying a property in this area is recommended. So, if you are looking forward to selling a property in this village.

Here are real estate tips for Garden City NY homes for sale.

First of all, you need to get off the sidelines. Buyers with good credit usually wait until the housing market hits rock-bottom. However, even though this time has passed, the prices of houses are still pretty low. If you have been waiting for improvements on the market, this is your chance.

Real EstateSee to it that you screen your potential buyers. Doing so will let you save a great deal of time. You should make sure that your prospective clients are preapproved. Before you entertain them, you have to check their credit rating and employment status. Find out how much they can borrow from financial agencies. You should also have your agent contact their loan officer.

Of course, you should never fail to make a good impression. Since the advent of the Internet, a lot of people have resorted to online searches. This is not really surprising since the Internet really makes it easier and more convenient for people to look for items to buy and/or sell. If you want to get enough prospective clients, you have to beat your competitors online.

You may consider hiring a professional video grapher or photographer to create a presentation. High-resolution images will surely beat drab photographs of Garden City NY homes for sale on website listings any day of the week. Be sure to include photos of well-groomed lawns, attractive gardens, and other elements that can pique the interest of potential buyers.

Do not forget to take photos of the interiors. However, you should not try to deceive your prospective clients. You may highlight the beautiful features of the property you are selling, but you should not deny flaws that are present. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to flaunt the flaws of your property.

Garden City homes for sale are mostly newly built or renovated. If you are selling your old home, see to it that you renovate it. You can add rooms and replace certain fixtures. You can also repaint the walls, install sidings, and do minor fix-ups. These things can significantly improve the condition of your home, thus attracting more prospective clients.

Finally, see to it that you have an intelligent team who can help you sell your property on the market. You have to have a good agent, an inspector, an appraiser, a surveyor, an energy auditor, and an attorney. Having a team to help you sell your property can increase your chances of making a successful transaction.

Then again, if you still cannot find an appropriate buyer for your property, you can seek a seasoned agent and follow his lead regarding listing prices. The pricing should depend on comparable sales, up-to-date appraisals, and market trends.

For more tips about garden city home for sale click here

How to Choose the Best Content Writers for the Job

There are many content writers offering their services out there. How do you know whether you’re getting your money’s worth when you hire them? It’s a simple question, and yet the answer is a little more complicated than whether or not they could put a cohesive sentence together. You need to be able to choose someone who would give you what you’ve paid for and more.

Many website owners don’t really pay attention to the quality of work they receive from the writers they hire. As long as the requirements are met and the keywords are there, they’re fine with it. This is a big mistake that often costs them more than just valuable time and money. Their search engine rankings may drop, and worse, they may even get penalized for providing poor content to their readers. This is why it is important to choose the writers they hire wisely. Here are some tips on how to choose the best content writers to create insightful, well-written, and SEO friendly articles or content for your website:

1. Don’t just base it on their resume

Content writerMany freelance writers have had extensive writing experience, but the shocking thing about this is that a lot of them actually don’t really have the chops to write. It may be because they’ve always relied on editors and proofreaders to check their work and make the necessary changes to make their articles readable. Other have a style of writing that is not really suitable for the online world. The best thing to do is to ask aspiring content writers to submit a sample of their work and choose one who suits your requirements the best.

2. Be critical with grammar and spelling

The whole idea of hiring a writer to create content for you is to save time and energy. If the writer you hire can’t seem to tell the difference between when to use “there”, “their”, or “they’re” or constantly misspells common words, you’re going to have a problem. Instead of being able to focus on other things, you may have to spend more of your time proofreading or editing their work. You don’t need to require perfect submissions every time, but the less mistakes they make, the faster things go.

3. Make sure they have enough SEO knowledge to give you what you want

Writing for a newspaper is totally different from writing for website content or blogging purposes. Aside from having a different tone and style in writing, content writing requires the writer to understand the basics of search engine optimization in order for their work to be considered usable in today’s search engine ranking standards. They should be able to understand terms such as word count, keyword density, and know how these terms apply to their work They should also be careful about stuffing too many keywords into their articles as to avoid any penalties that search engines such as Google and Yahoo may set for non-compliant websites.

4. Rates aren’t a factor in hiring writers

Higher rates do not necessarily translate to higher quality work. The reverse is also true. Just because you get your articles for a really low price, it doesn’t mean that you’re getting a good deal. Focus more on what you’re getting instead of how much you’re paying for it. This way, you know off the bat whether you’re getting your money’s worth or not. If you meet a skilled writer that can give you what you want, make sure to negotiate a fair price with them that would work for everyone. Quality work doesn’t come for free, but it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

5. Try writing services

If hiring a freelance writer to continuously provide you with the content you need is just isn’t in your budget, try hiring a content writing service that will provide you with the articles you need. These services often offer content at lower rates than many individual freelancers do without sacrificing quality. They often have proofreaders and editors to check and double check the work their writers submit so that you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you ordered. Another plus for hiring a company like this is that they offer other related services as well. These one-stop shops can be heaven-sent especially for beginners who have no idea what they’re doing.

Hiring content writers is a breeze if you know what you’re looking for. You are leaving the fate of your website in their hands, so you must be sure that you’re hiring the right people for the job. You don’t need to be an expert in online marketing or SEO to know whether you’re hiring the right person or not. It’s all in their articles. If they don’t read or translate well to you as a reader, chances are that they won’t read or translate well to your audience either. Always remember that in this cut throat world of online marketing, your readers always come first. If you can find a writer that can provide you with all of these, then you’re probably on your way to success.

99centarticles.com specialized in team of content writers that takes pride in being considered some of the best article writing service and marketers online.

Military Challenge Coins: The Military Challenge Coin Game Tradition

There are many places, not only physical stores but also online stores, where someone can purchase custom military coins. Online web stores have wide varieties of coins to choose from. Companies specializing in custom coins are becoming more and more popular even among those who collect custom military coins. Those businesses are a one stop shop not only for challenge coins but also for custom coins and the like.

Custom military coins, also popularly known as challenge coins, are small coins which carry the unit or organization’s emblem or insignia. They’re given to the members of the organization either to boost morale or to prove that the person is a member of the organization. Other than the military, these organizations include the fire department, college, special clubs, even the police. Aside from this, they are also collected not only by the service members but non-military individuals too.

Military Challenge CoinsCustom military coins originated about a hundred years ago. The most famous story about these coins is about an American pilot during the World War I. He was forced to land in a German territory due to the wound he got. The American pilot was captured and held captive in a prison by the Germans until it was attacked by the British forces later on. The American pilot escaped but was later captured by the French soldiers. Believing he is one of the Germans, he was detained and imprisoned by the French.

Since all of his personal belongings were seized by the Germans, the American pilot cannot show any proof of his identity. The French decided to take away his life. Before his execution, the American pilot pleaded and presented the medallion given to him by his wealthy Lieutenant before his deployment. The medallion contains the American’s unit insignia. The French executioners decided to postpone his execution, long enough for his identity to be confirmed. He was released later on after proving his identity and allegiance Instead of receiving gun shots, the American pilot received a bottle of wine.

The medallion, as believed, saved the American pilot’s life. Because of this tale, carrying their coin all the time became a tradition for all members of the United States troop. To make sure that every member is complying with the rule, soldiers challenge each other to check if they are really carrying their coin. If the challenged member could not show his military coin, he ought to buy a drink for the challenger. The challenger, on the other hand, needs to purchase a drink of choice for the challenged soldier if he has his military coin with him.

This game can also be done by unit. A group member will pull out a coin and state that a coin check is being done. By hearing his, each member of the unit must show their military coins. Anyone who does not have the coin needs to buy drinks for the other members who have the coins with them. However, if all unit members have their military coins, the challenger needs to buy the drinks for all. Anyone who refuses to buy the drink is sometimes required to return their coin.

Custom military coins have a significant meaning for all military personnel not only in the United States but also in other countries. These are also great tokens or gifts to anyone who served in the military. If you’re planning to get one, buy it from a shop that’s known for providing top quality military coins (finding such a store shouldn’t be difficult, especially online). That way, you’d surely end up carrying your military coin with pride and outmost dignity.

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Making Positive Changes in Your Company and Your Community

The groundwork to achieving success in a company stems from the grandest training to the simplest method such as getting inspiration from a keynote speaker.

Many people tend to forget the latter. However, for huge companies that understand the real impact of selecting the right people to inspire and motivate their workforce take full advantage of it especially during conventions and national conferences. WHY? Business organizations understand that a group of driven employees can also cause deliberate and positive impact on the community they serve.

Keynote speakerThe concept is not exactly new. People have always known that a man can influence another, a student could convince fellow student, a parent could motivate his children, or a teacher can also offer lasting impact on the students. A single person has the power to impart, share, something valuable to other people around him. Using exactly the same model, companies nowadays also strive in finding the best motivational speaker to keep their employees driven.

Creating a more positive environment always begins with a goal – a purpose that will serve as the ‘guiding star’ to the point where the person, the community, or the business is hoping to head. Asking and knowing why changes have to be made is also crucial to the process. Business organizations always have to define the needs and outline the reasons why positive changes need to be established.

The goal can then be achieved by finding an individual who can be the ultimate source of inspiration for many people. The person can also be selected not only for the sole purpose of inspiring others, but also for igniting changes among the participants or listeners individually. Thus, the individual impact could resonate into a positive effect on a team, a department, an organization, and individually on the community to where each of them belongs.

Organizing talks where a special keynote speaker is invited proves to be one of the simplest yet effective ways of translating company goals and visions to words. It can also be an integral part of any retention programs established by the company, where company structure, goals, and long-term plans can be discussed accordingly. This method serves as an efficient and sustainable way to keep the workforce on their toes at all times. The success of this method was not appreciated immediately in the past. However, because of the growing number of people specializing in designing positive business models, the method came about, tested, and consequently proven.

Many companies spend a whole lot on trainings and re-trainings. However, some failed due to their inability to recognize that people need not only mental nourishment, but emotional and spiritual ones as well. The concept may appear simple, but the results can be potentially life changing for the employees, the business organization itself, and the communities they serve.

The selection of the right keynote speaker also influences how people build relationships in and out of the companies. The message they hear from another individual who has a good story to tell tends to stick to the minds of those people who have heard it. As they step out of the room or the conference hall, they will be carrying another reason to improve themselves. This will then inspire the people they interact with on a daily basis, and the message will touch more and more lives. Therefore, a domino or cascading effect will have already started.

Although getting the right speaker is not always a walk in the park, the result always provides more reasons to implement the same method over and over again. Aiming for that positive result always begin with finding the right person or the right keynote speaker.

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Why students need to wear badge lanyards

Every school has its own version of badge lanyards. While many college students find it uncool to wear IDs in class, it is important for everyone who’s going in and out of the school premises to wear an item that can possibly help identify outsiders. For many different reasons, wearing lanyards that hold IDs has become a strict policy implemented in many colleges and universities.

Badge LanyardsStudents, they say, bring the name of their school wherever they go. True enough, many students appreciate wearing their school lanyards more when they are outside the campus. This is rather evident on inter-school events such as sports leagues and academic competitions. Students tend to show their school pride more when there are battles against their rival schools. One of the items that students wear to support their schoolmates and show off their school pride is their school’s badge lanyards. Through this simple item hanged around the neck, students and faculty could easily identify who the opponents are and who belongs to the team. Lanyards have been proven to be quite handy on events like this, especially for universities; they tend to have a large population, so it is hard to identify who belongs to the ‘cheering squad’ and who doesn’t.

Wearing school lanyards could be very overwhelming, especially when the students come from a well-known school. Walking around streets and malls while wearing university lanyards is a surefire way of grabbing people’s attention. Just imagine what students feel whenever they are being associated with a prestigious school; without a doubt, the feeling’s priceless.

Apart from making ID laces an obvious sign of which school they came from, lanyards are also being used for campus security reasons. It is impossible for security personnel and for the school administration to recognize and memorize all their students’ faces. It would probably require a lot of time to get acquainted with all the students, especially in a large university population. Wearing badge lanyards as part of the school’s policy has become a very useful tool for recognizing students.

Many school administrators prefer that their students wear badge lanyards so they can easily track the activities of students within and outside the school. If students wear lanyards, anyone around can easily identify whether a person is an intruder or not. Having obvious indicators of identification can help maintain the security of the faculty, staff, and students who go in and out of the school premises. Anyone who lacks this accessory can easily be seen and tracked.

Safety is a critical part in every academic institution. This is why safety regulations should always be evaluated carefully. Consequently, administrators should plan different strategies on how they could maintain the safety and security of both students and the faculty. Although the security benefits of a school lanyard are hardly recognized, it is incontestable that having a lanyard could help the faculty, administrators, security officers, and the students themselves to detect if there are trespassers inside the school’s property.

Badge lanyards may seem to be an insignificant part of the school uniform. However, what students fail to recognize are the security benefits and identification advantages of having a lanyard. This is most applicable to universities and schools without uniforms. If a student does not wear a uniform and an ID lanyard, how else can they be easily recognized?

Fortunately, many students now find ways to keep their IDs and lanyards with them. If one takes a stroll around a high school or college campus, it can be easily noticed that most students now use their lanyards to hold their room and car keys. This trend has gradually made wearing lanyards seem a little more important, as such accessories are no longer thought of mere ID holders.

If you want your badge lanyards to have an elegant, finished appearance, woven polyester lanyards are the perfect solution.

Buy Facebook Likes? Yes for Businesses!

Facebook Likes for BusinessesA Like on Facebook can take your post to extreme highs. A lot of posts from this social media giant have become viral thanks in large part to the attention gained from ordinary people. In fact, most businesses are now investing in getting people to advertise their Facebook Page instead of simply putting up a website and having that site advertised. Facebook has even gone to the lengths of doing the advertising themselves, since more people are on Facebook instead of just surfing the internet.

Facebook advertisements aren’t as pricey as other advertising companies though. However, Facebook advertisements are only half the battle. Ads on Facebook, or anywhere else, will only work for a Page if it has a lot of Likes. Facebook ads do help in getting you more Likes, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the traffic you want to really launch your business into a bit of prominence.

social marketingFor this reason, a new type of company, the social marketing company, has sprung up on the internet that offer something advertising companies would not dare do: let people buy Facebook Likes.

Yes, you heard it right. Facebook Likes, apart from being solicited through shares and ads, can now be bought, literally. Social marketing companies LikeBuyLikesMedia, BoostFansNow, GetPremiumFans, and the Like are really making waves and capitalizing on the fact that people who own a Page need Likes to keep it going, no matter what that Page is for. It’s a novel idea, but how does buy Facebook Likes work?

How It Works

Buy Facebook Likes might sound complicated for a lot of people, but it’s really a simple process. Though sites do it differently, here’s a simple way of looking at it:

  •   A customer selects a package containing a certain number of Likes. Sites offer anywhere from 100 to 10,000 targeted Likes for a range of price points (somewhere between $10 and $750 for some sites). They also send the site their Facebook Page URL.
  •  Once the social marketing company receives the order, they then go through their multitude of ways to getting a Like on that Page. This can be achieved through a variety of ways, although there are two that are recognized by these companies: bot accounts and active promotion.
  •  A “delivery time” is often included in the package bought by the customer. The company does its job during the said delivery time to advertise the site through the methods mentioned above. All the customer needs to do is sit back and do what they usually do on their page: post updates.

Seems too good to be true? For a lot of people, it is. But for those who have tried it, they’ve really seen a huge boost in their Page traffic as well as site traffic (if they have a separate website from their Page).

buying LikesThe advantages of buying Likes seem to far outweigh the implications it has on how social media is used. By using websites where you can buy Facebook Likes, you no longer need to do that much legwork in promoting your Page. All that hard work is taken care of by someone else. However, people around the net often see this as nothing more than people getting ripped off, since they don’t really generate “true Likes” for your Page.

True Likes, as defined in a lot of articles that go against this kind of business, are those that are born out of real interest in the page. A lot of critics to the buy Facebook Likes scheme point out that these Likes are not genuine. For those who use it, it’s a matter of business.